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Empowering Women

The women that inspire me

“She believed she could, so she did.” – R.S. Grey

At Flytiful we are well aware that the number of women within technology are not great. Raising awareness alone isn’t enough, we need actions. Sadly women are still being discredited as competent business women in a lot of industries.

As a result we want to do our bit, sharing our stories and hopefully inspiring women to take the leap and stand out in sectors that often overlook them. In this blog I want to share, as well as strongly recommend the services of some of the strong, independent women in my life that have already made huge strides.


The Women

Sophie Dickens: Sweet Treat Extraordinaire

A sweet pastry chef, with an even sweeter tooth! She started baking as a hobby, before her passion took over, quickly built a reputation as a fantastic baker delivering cakes that tasted even better than they looked. If you’re in West Sussex are she’s your go to baker and if you head over to her Instagram you’ll see exactly what I mean, with her talent, you won’t be disappointed!

Perhaps slightly ironically she is also a self-employed personal trainer, looking for customers to both eat, and burn off her cakes! Qualified since 2015 she rapidly gained a strong base of clients that see the benefits of her incredible drive and determination to better herself and those around her. Sophie’s ability to motivate others is a defining feature that I truly admire and I’m consistently working to match her when working alone, or with my partners.


Poppy Haskell: Actress, Model, Mentor

Poppy, a stunning full time professional model, based in the South East of England, she is a former Miss Swimsuit UK, and has worked with multiple brands across the country. She is an independent woman who is confident and comfortable within herself, becoming a big success within her field. 

She has always been open to a wide range of shoots, and locations and it’s her inner drive and desire to succeed within a difficult, crowded industry makes her a figure that I really admire. Poppy isn’t afraid to put herself out there, even appearing on last year’s “Celebs go Dating” and her passion for her craft is commendable, pushing herself to further her career and with Poppy’s personality matching her looks, she truly is a beautiful person inside and out!


Avril Mulcahy: Raising Investment & Ambitions

Avril is an entrepreneur at heart with a track record of developing, inspiring growth and generating profits. Fulfilling numerous CEO, and business development roles within growth businesses she has an unparalleled background before setting up “Creo Invest”. This is an investment fundraising boutique for startup tech companies all around the world, working hard to secure the right investments for their brands.

Beyond her multiple successes in her career, she has also written a book! “Go Get Him” is a book with the aim of increasing your confidence, helping you on your path to becoming a powerful woman who can be confident and shine, culminating in becoming comfortable, loving yourself and letting the love of others come to you.


 Morgane Arras: Interior Decorator With An Eye For Detail

Morgane is family, and beyond a sibling she is also a true inspiration. Setting up her own business in 2016 she has since gone from strength to strength, accruing thousands of Instagram followers interested in her handmade interior design pieces.

With a range of boutique designs, centred around cotton rope, her eye for detail is what sets her apart from her competitors and with the ability to create unique one off designs, she truly stands out. She is a driven individual, with a love and passion for her work, and the way she has built the business from the ground up, through social media and word of mouth is incredible. Seeing her success is a real inspiration for me in my work


Maria Budny: A Sous The Best Chef

A sous chef with an inner drive like no one else, her passion for cooking is like something I’ve never seen before. Seeing her light up and hearing the enthusiasm and excitement in her voice when designing imaginative new dishes and menus is truly overwhelming, and there’s nothing she won’t try. 

Whether it’s an adventurous unique flavour combination, or just a quick dish she’s put together she’ll always find a way to make it pop, with a smile on her face. Her passion for food combined with a truly remarkable work ethic means she regularly works long days but she wouldn’t change it for the world and it’s that level of love that many can only dream of and seeing her dishes on Instagram gets my mouth watering and I’d love to try her food more often!



All of these women are inspiration to, and I am proud to first know them and to present them to you in this blog in support of our Women in Business campaign. Now if you too want to support the incredible women around you, tag 3 Women in Business to support their business and tell the world about them.  

I am grateful to each and every one of them and look forward to strengthening these relationships whilst creating new ones on my journey, and to join the movement I challenge you to share 3 women in business or in life that inspire you to push yourself using the hashtag #SheDidSoICould