B2B – Positioning The Brand


The Brief

This long-established London-based fintech needed an overhaul of their brand. They had made some hasty decisions on their brand presentation, and as a result had ended up with a brand personality that no-one liked – not the customers, not the team and not the investors.

In order to gain support for an imminent investment round, they needed a rapid, total replacement of their visual identity, digital platforms and collateral.

What we did

Once bitten, twice shy: although the fintech’s leadership team was deeply out of love with their existing brand, there was no appetite to go through another full brand exercise.

With minimal budget, immovable timescales, and limited input from the brand-weary leadership team, this was no ordinary branding exercise.

Brands are funny things though – nebulous and difficult to articulate. Nonetheless when you talk to enough of the team, their customers, their partners and the industry, the company’s real personality and purpose starts to shine clearly…

The results

Every brand begins with the company – and every company has its own story to tell, as well as a personality that is unique and authentic to it. It’s just a matter of digging in the right places.

Once the company’s personality had been fleshed out and worded in a way that was true to the team, the visual identity had a much clearer direction. 

Because the reworked brand narrative was genuine and heartfelt, it was easy to adjust the company’s platforms and collateral. In many ways it was already there – it just needed the layers of the old brand to be peeled away in order to allow the real brand to shine through.