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Whether we’re constructing a single campaign together, or architecting an entire marketing capability, our over-arching objectives are the same. We set out to provide you with an outcome that fulfil not only the original brief, but also to be transferred to your full ownership.

Modular marketing, we help you take the control of your marketing department, and find the right partners to implement campaigns to drive meaningful results.

All our work is tailored to you based upon the stage your business is at. We appreciate that no two businesses are the same and for that reason our marketing strategies are tailored around you and your goals.

Whatever stage your business is at, we sit down with you, understanding your brand, goals, to help you select a service that will best suit your needs.

CMO out-of-the-box
We captain the crew

We empower your team to take control

Out of the box CMO, VP of Growth, our modular and tailored approach will help you get your business to the next stage of growth.

Tailored Marketing Team
We captain and provide the crew

We source and manage agencies & freelancers to get you safely to your destination

Your Tailored made marketing team.
We work with your internal team to fill in the gaps, so you get results.

You can tap in a network of trusted and vetted specialist freelancers and agencies. You save your time, reduce risk and minimise BS, or put simply… get the job done.

Flytiful Connected Marketing Framework

The Flytiful Connected Marketing Framework is the first phase in building your capability, and is organised by sprints.

Each sprint addresses a different aspect of marketing enablement. 
Click on the dropdown to find out which ones are relevant to you.


”I need to link business objectives to marketing tactics”

Value proposition
Audience definition
Channel strategy
Business narrative

An actionable, measurable plan detailing who we target, where we target them, and how we target them


”I need my marketing investment to be sustained and measurable”

Brand activation
Content strategy
Martech landscape

Documentation and proposals for the foundations underpinning our marketing activity, and implementation of the agreed actions

Data, reach & experience

“I need new marketing strategies to increase the reach of my business” 

Reaching the target audience,
Delivering the right experience to the target audience
Measuring the impact of activity on key economic levers

Proposals and artefacts for the mechanics of reach, experience, measurement and optimisation, and implementation of the agreed actions


“I need to build a scalable marketing and communications capability”

The people and technology behind operational readiness and scalability

Evaluations and proposals for resources and platforms, and implementation of the agreed actions


“I need marketing and brand to be compliant, and support staff performance and retention”

The governance and processes for marketing, and internal brand activation

Recommendations for processes, and supporting documentation

Depending on our destination, we can cherry-pick the sprints that are needed, the order of the sprints, and the deliverables from each sprint. All of them, one of them, none of them, some of them all jumbled around – it all works.

Tailored Marketing Team

Are you looking for a specific set of skills to implement a campaign?

We’ve got you covered, we’ll help you find the perfect fit to deliver on a winning project or campaign.

We use the full marketing mix to achieve your marketing objectives:
Content creation, Social Media, PR

Tailored to you

It is important to note that not all businesses will experience these stages in chronological order, or even every stage of the business lifecycle. Some businesses may see astronomical growth right after startup and the founders may decide to cash out right away, jumping straight to that “exit” stage, so it is important to remind yourself of your personal goals alongside the business.


What this stage looks like

Your brand is in the very early stages, you are the brand, and a lot of time is being spent on the initial product design, manufacture and push, assessing the feasibility of the brand.

How can we help?

We can help you conduct market research, spread awareness of your brand whilst receiving feedback on its uses and practicality, focussing on the 4 c’s, a customer centric approach. Beyond this we can help write & design your investor pitch deck, advising on the business plan.


What this stage looks like

Your brand is in the riskiest stage of its lifecycle, you’ll begin marketing and selling your products. Your time will be spent tweaking them based on initial feedback, adaptability is essential.

How can we help?

We can help set things up, building the capabilities for a winning marketing department. We can focus your online presence, building your brand with you, and specifically targeting your ideal consumer base linking sales, business development and marketing in one package.

Growth & Establishment

What this stage looks like

Your brand is growing, cashflow is increasing and you may be struggling to keep on top of demands. Hiring skilled people is a priority as you come into your role as head of the company.

How can we help?

Here we can help you stand out from competitors, both in the marketplace and in recruitment,  targeting  your marketing to those beyond your initial target base. We can help you fine tune your planning to ensure successful growth, allowing you to reach your potential.


What this stage looks like

You’re used to the day to day running of your business now, and it’s almost routine. Your task is to take on new challenges, whilst securing the company for the future.

How can we help?

During this stage we want to avoid becoming stagnant so we can help maximise your market share, taking advantage of proven methods set out in your earlier planning. We can take this pressure off, running your marketing sector,  allowing you to focus on further expansion of the business.


What this stage looks like

Your business could still be growing but not  at the substantial rate previously experienced. Here you commonly face a decision, further expansion, or an exit plan.

How can we help?

If you decide to expand we can help differentiate your brand, standing out from competitors and progressing where possible. We can help you adjust your marketing plans and goals to kickstart growth rates which may have stalled as your business has grown.

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If it appears you may be between stages or unsure of the results, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to organise a consultation to understand where you’re at, where you want to be and how we could help.

Whether we’re constructing a single campaign together, or architecting an entire marketing capability, our primary objectives are the same. We set out to provide you with an outcome designed to fulfil not only the original brief, but also to be transferred to your full ownership.

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Cornercard – Miles & More card launch

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