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Business Marketing – Campaign Creation



Marketing your brand is key to the initial success of your business. Alongside just increasing the reach of your business, marketing also offers the initial first impressions to potential consumers as well as making the brand stick in people’s minds. A memorable brand, often leads to an increase in both brand awareness and customers, but what do you need to do to ensure your marketing is successful?

The Transaction

Before devising your own strategies, research what works for those around you and the consumers you’re targeting. If something works particularly well within your demographic, or field, then it should be implemented into your marketing. Building and developing tried and tested strategies is a great start to getting your brand noticed and increasing the awareness beyond your initial consumer base.


This process isn’t the same for every card and issuer. Some card providers cover numerous sections in this chain themselves, for example Amex and Diners Club work as the card scheme, issuer and acquirer at the same time. Additionally some cards have additional costs to account for and are not included as standard by the acquirer, and therefore these require an extra charge for the merchant to accept these cards.

Multiple Strategies

Don’t put all of your marketing eggs into a singular basket, implementing multiple strategies can ensure that your marketing has the largest reach possible and covers variables out of your control. Particularly with modern technology, multiple strings to your marketing bow is imperative,  and through your initial research you should understand which strategies typically work best allowing you to create a tailor made campaign unique to you and your business.


In order to be successful, clear goals must be set out prior to starting any form of marketing, if you don’t know where you’re going, how can you expect to get there? Effective goals have a clear goal, a clear road to success and must be attainable. The use of SMART goals ensures that your marketing stays on track and you are maintaining efficiency.

Trial and error

Chances are your first campaign won’t set the world alight, but that’s not an issue. Through trial and error you can understand what specifically works for your brand, whether that be a certain social media platform, or type of content on your website you can then begin to further tailor your campaigns to focus on these. Don’t be afraid to take risks within your strategies, sometimes a big change is exactly what you need to kickstart your brand.


There is no perfect formula when it comes to creating a successful marketing campaign. It is dependent on timing, strategies utilised and a little bit of luck. With the perfect blend of research research and creativity, however, you can stack the odds in your favour with a memorable campaign that drives both traffic and sales.