Cornercard – Miles & More card launch




The Brief

 Back in November 2017, MBNA withdrew all of their co-branded airline credit cards without warning. This meant that you could/can no longer apply for any of the Virgin Atlantic Black/White, Lufthansa, American Airlines, United Airlines, Emirates or Etihad credit cards in the UK.

As a result, Miles & More partnered with payments companies Affiniture Cards Ltd and Cornèrcard UK, to relaunch the Miles & More co-branded cards programme. This partnership allowed for the best loyalty programme for British travellers to be introduced on the UK market.

Miles & More Global Traveller Cards is facilitated by Cornèrcard UK and issued by Affiniture Cards Limited, trading as Diners Club International. 28th July 2019. Despite a short notice, the group managed to turn it around, Lufthansa’s Miles and More program has selected Cornercard (Mastercard companion) to take over the program, avoid customers loss of point, and upgraded its offering to include an additional benefit with Diners Club International.

They approached us for the following objectives:

  • Reinforce communication to ensure the existing customer transition to their new cards and get their rewards
  • Announce the launch and partnership to attract new customers.

In 2019 Cornercard in partnership with Luftansa’s reward program Miles and More and Diners Club were launching their card in the UK.

The aim was to promote the launch of the card to an audience of affluent and avid travelers, raise awareness of the new scheme,  and partnership

As such we needed to understand and plan how we can best maximise their presence in the UK mainstream and trade press, with the key goal throughout to raise awareness of the brand and promote new card sign ups from frequent travellers.

What we did

 The campaign targeted an array of media.

 The first targets were trade and mainstream outlets predominantly within the UK. Those who had covered loyalty programs, money saving and travel were of particular interest for this press release.

 We then created social media campaigns to support the release, and we contacted influencers within the aforementioned sectors to increase our presence within the networks.

 Alongside organic media and free publications, we took out paid advertising in numerous outlets including; The Times, CityAM, The Telegraph, and Love Money.


 The results

The initial press release was picked up by around 180 outlets including high profile publications such as The Daily Mail, MarketWatch and Love Money, and shared by numerous influencers on their social media pages. This created a potential audience of 1.5 million within the UK and 61 million across the world.

 Alongside this, within the month of paid advertising within CityAM and The Times we achieved over 375,000 impressions.

 This coverage was noticed across the globe and helped launch the new card into the marketplace, with a large number of customers picked up through the coverage.