Quotevine & MyDVS Launch Broker Go


Quotevine and myDVS partner to offer new package, Broker Go, to help brokers fully digitise sales process

London 01/12/20. Quotevine today launches their new Broker Go package offering a fully digitised sales process, right out of the box.

Quotevine are delighted to announce the launch of their new Broker Go package, which will enable brokers to fully digitise their sales offering. As the car buying process becomes more digital, it is imperative that brokers transition away from traditional and manual administrative tasks. Broker Go is an innovative suite of tools that will allow brokers to future-proof their software and create a more seamless, automated process.

The set up is fast and seamless and will include everything the broker needs to get up and running smoothly including:

  • An automotive website – developed in partnership with myDVS to both capture and convert leads into consumers
  • CAP vehicle data and Images – allowing for full tracking throughout the process
  • Instant online quotes and live proposals – engaging leads instantly offering them immediate service
  • A vehicle procurement module – offering complete transparency throughout the process
  • E-sign – allowing for the closure of deals anywhere
  • A customer relationship management system – tracking every stage of the customer journey, automating manual data entry and improving sales efficiency 

Currently, 95% of vehicle buyers use digital platforms as their source of information before making a purchase and yet, many brokers have ineffective, run-of-the-mill websites that fail to captivate their consumers. Recognising the importance of a strong online presence, Quotevine have partnered with myDVS to ensure brokers will have access to their own unique, industry specific website as part of the Broker Go package.

Developed from their drive to improve business for brokers, Quotevine and myDVS understand the significance of a strong website, recognising it is the first step in the buyer journey. As such, the websites are unique and tailored to each brokers’ individual needs, complete with full customizability, allowing brokers to seamlessly develop their online presence, culminating in effective lead capture and engagement. 

The new software also includes Quotevines new, innovative vehicle procurement module. Giving brokers respite from more traditional software, the new module allows for maximum transparency and ensures that consumers are offered the best possible service as brokers can communicate with dealers instantly, finding the best deals and complete management of the delivery process.

Quotevine is excited to launch this new service, expanding on their already successful broker offerings. With this development they can continue to catalyse positive changes throughout the industry, and by offering a complete, future-proofed package they can ensure that brokers are ready for this digital transition. 

Rebecca Duckworth, Chief Sales Officer at Quotevine said, “We’re pleased to be able to offer a complete, ready to go package for brokers. We believe that by working alongside an innovative, creative company like myDVS we can offer brokers a unique proposition featuring a full, tailored package, preparing them for the future, whatever that may look like.

“It’s been a hectic year for many in the space, with new regulations and more and more processes going digital with Covid, it’s now a perfect opportunity for many brokers to prepare for what lies ahead. With this solution we can help brokers remain agile within the space, streamlining their work and offering a more tailored service to their customers, putting them ahead of their competition.”

Brett Lilley, National Sales Manager for myDVS said, “We are excited to be working in partnership with Quotevine, our innovative platforms really complement each other and bring together two industry leading products. Both platforms are designed and tailored specifically for the Leasing Broker market and the combination of a great interactive front end and a slick automated order processing and relationship management tool, is what the Broker has been waiting for. I am confident that our forward thinking and continuous development programme will enable us to continue to lead the way in this market space.” 

To find out more about the package, or to book a demo, please contact: https://www.quotevine.com/broker-go